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Good Corporate Governance - WELCOME to IICD Website

IICD and you as Partners, Alumnae, should work together to GROW FAST to foster the implementation of Good Governance in Indonesia, and East Asia countries.

IICD aspires to be a strategic partner in establishing good corporate governance by promoting the ethical corporate behavior and improving skills, knowledge and ability of corporate directors and commissioners.

We concentrate our activities on professional education for directors and commissioners; research on corporate governace, directorship, and performance; as well as advocacy in education and research.

As part of the role of IICD in internalizing best practices of good corporate governance and directorship in Indonesia, IICD had conducted the first corporate governance scorecard research that involved 61 leading Indonesian public-listed companies in 2005, and the second and third corporate governance scorecard in 2007 and 2009 that involved 341 Indonesian listed companies financed by the grants from CIPE (Center for International Private Enterprise). The results of the study needs to be disseminated to the regulators as well as the private sectors since they provide feedbacks to regulators and companies on how to improve governance practices in Indonesia. Firms that perform outstanding governance practices also need to be appreciated for their efforts and performances.

IICD has also conducted ROSC (Research on The Obsetrvance of Standards and Codes), a joint World Bank and International Monetary Fund (IMF) initiative to strenghten member countries financial system by improving complance with internationally standard and codes.

Upcoming event :

  1. One Day Workshop of Public Governance - in Collaboration with Institute for Solidarity in Asia (ISA) - 20 January 2016 - Hotel Indonesia Kempinksi Jakarta
  2. Professional Director Program Batch , 26-28 Jan 2016, Jakarta
  3. ASEAN Corporate Governance Scorecard,  28 Jan 2016, Jakarta
  4. Board Performance Evluation, 23 Feb 2016, Jakarta
  5. Professional Director Program, 23-25 Feb 2016, Jakarta
  6. Integrated Enterprise Risk Management, 24 Feb 2016, Jakarta
  7. ASEAN Corporate Governance Scorecard,  25 Feb 2016, Jakarta
  8. Corporate Governance Leadership Program, 23-24 Feb 2016, Jakarta
  9. Professional Director Program22-24 Mar 2016, Jakarta
  10. Board Performance Evluation, 22 Mar 2016, Jakarta
  11. Integrated Enterprise Risk Management, 23 Mar 2016, Jakarta
  12. ASEAN Corporate Governance Scorecard,  24 Mar 2016, Jakarta
  13. Professional Director Program26-28 Apr 2016, Jakarta
  14. Professional Director Program in-English26-27 Apr 2016, Jakarta
  15. Board Performance Evluation, 26 Apr 2016, Jakarta
  16. Integrated Enterprise Risk Management, 27 Apr 2016, Jakarta
  17. ASEAN Corporate Governance Scorecard,  28 Apr 2016, Jakarta
  18. Professional Director Program in-English, 19-17 May 2016, Jakarta
  19. International Foundation of Directorship, 25-27 May 2016 Perth Australia
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