A Note From The Chairman

 Good Corporate Governance

The remnants of the 1987/1998 crisis, the 2008 crisis and the most recent Eurozone crisis are still to be cleared within a decade after its eruption. This episode shows unmistakably the grave consequences of bad practices of corporate governance. Its cost to corporate owners, professional directors, and the people at large has turned out to be enormous. Directors and commissioners in businesses should make a commitment not to let a similar catastrophe to repeat. Yet, the spirit of “doing good while doing well” is not impossible to be practiced by any organizations.

IICD offers the Intensive Professional Directors Program as its flagship directorship courses aimed at a higher level of professionalism in directorship practices. This course covers all salient issues of good governance and competitive directorship. It also encourages participants to serve as champions of governance reform in Indonesia.

I strongly recommend you to join, and be part of the new dawn of good  governance practices in Indonesia.
Should you have any inquiries on IICD and the program, we will be very pleased to assist you.
Sigit Pramono
IICD Chairman-Board of Management