In-House Training

Indonesian Institute for Corporate Directorship (IICD) is a non profit organization founded by ten (10) highly reputable Indonesian Business Schools and preeminent individuals. Since its inception, IICD which envisioned to "Internalizing Best Practices of Good Corporate Governance and Directorship" has been actively working on Seminars, Trainings, Panel Discussions, Curriculum Design, and research activities on GCG and Directorship. IICD with its alumnae more than 1,700 Senior Managers, Directors, and Commissioners positions itself to support the decision makers, as the strategic partner in GCG implementation. IICD programs have been supported by The World Bank, International Finance Corporation, Governance Corporate Governance Forum, Center for International Private Enterprise, Asian Development Bank as part of the development of Good Corporate Governance implementation in Indonesia. IICD is the member of  IDEA.Net (Institute of Directors East Asia Network), a preeminent organization with a vision of enhancing the implementation of Good Corporate Governance conducts in Asia having members from several Asia countries including Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand, Korea, China, HongKong, and Taiwan.

IICD concentrates the activities on professional education/training for directors and commissioners:

Professional Director Program
3 days training which is internalizing professionalism in directorship designed to enhance the capacity of corporate leaders i Indonesian using standard curriculum benchmarked to International Institutes of Directors, such as Institutes of Directors (IoD) UK. Australian Institute of Company Director (AICD). Nasional Association of Corporate Director (NACD) USA & Yale University, and Global Corporate Gorvenance Forum (IFC-GCGF).

Course Contents:

  • Director Skills and Competencies
  • Modern Firms and Corporate Governance Problem
  • The Practices of Directorship
  • Challenges of Professionalism at the Board
  • Board Performance Evaluation
  • Strategic Business Direction for Corporate Performance
  • Trade Practices : Issues for Directors
  • Law Practices : Issues for Directors
  • Finance for Directors
  • Management Trends for Director and Commissioner
  • Risk Management for Directors
  • CEO forum and company sharing
  1. In-depth Directorship Program
    • Skill, Knowledge and Competwncies of Commissioners and Directors
    • Transformasi organisasi menghadai VUCAD
    • Business Acumen
    • Fraud and Prevention
    • International Business Law
    • Directors Compensation
    • Board Performance Evaluationand Enterprise Risk Management – An Overview of Directors &  Commissioner
    • Corporate Investment Strategies for Value Creation

  2. Corporate Governance Leadership Program
    Two days training programs based on the CG Board Leadership Training Resources Kit developed by GCGF – IFC. It follows the OECD principles of CG and provides a comprehensive curriculum from the role of boards to the approaches that boards can use to comply to CG best practices.
    • An Overview of Corporate Governance
    • Professional Practices of Disclosure and Transparency
    • The Role of Shareowners and Stakeholders within the Corporate Governance System
    • The Business Case for Corporate Governance
    • Board Role, Directors’ Duties and Liabilities
    • Implementing Corporate Governance Change