In-Depth Directorship Program

In-Depth Directorship Program is a 2 days program in internalizing professionalism in directorship designed to enhance the capacity of corporate leaders in Indonesia using standard curriculum benchmarked to International Institutes of Directors, such as Institute of Director (IoD) UK, Australian Institute of Company Director (AICD), Nasional Association of Corporate Director (NACD) USA & Yale University, and Global Corporate Program Benefit :

  1. Recognizing the effective personality that a director should perform
  2. Recognizing the way to enhance director’s competencies
  3. Recognizing director’s competencies at international standards
  4. Formulizing plans to enhance director’s competencies
  5. Understand the importance of Business International
  6. The needs of entrepreneurship intrapersonal communication in a corporation
  7. Knowing the principals of governing partnership in a business
  8. Knowing how to oversee the Business Opportunity
  9. Knowing how to develop or create a new business opportunities
  10. Knowing the steps to reach business opportunities
  11. Knowing how to communicate in a good way
  12. Knowing the risks in directors and commissioners perspective
  13. Knowing how to manage risks: Challenge vs Opportunity
  14. Knowing the Corporate Invest Strategy through M & A
Module Contents:
1. Skill, Knowledge and Competencies of Commissioners and Directors
2. Transforming Organization Facing VUCA
3. Monetizing Business Opportunities
4. Digital Transformation
5. International Business Law
6. Talent Development for Competitiveness
7. Effective Strategy for Holding Organizations
8. Corporate Investment Strategies for Value Creation