PDP in English

Discover the secret of how The Discussions deliver the precise steps for becoming Top Executives who are Efficient – Effective, Accountable, and Responsible with High Integrity in Facing the Global Financial Crisis, Who also Understand and Initiate the principles of Disclosure and Transparency, Legal Aspects of the Company and Trade, in accordance to implement International Best Practices in Good Corporate Governance (GCG).

Get the limited Modules of our well integrated Professional Directors Program which were adopted from various prominent International Directorship Programs, e.g.; GCGF (Global Corporate Governance Forum), Institute of Director (IoD) UK, Australian Institute of Company Director (AICD), National Association of Corporate Director (NACD) USA, and Yale University.

Do you know millions of benefit that you can get from this Extraordinary IICD Program?


Shaping your Professionalism in Directorship based on “International Best Practices”.


Enhancing the ability and the effectiveness of company directorship and developing your Good Corporate Governance skill and knowledge toward international standards.


Enhancing your capability of integrating effective corporate performance, business strategy and directorship.


Enhancing your capability of creating corporate competitiveness, locally and internationally.


Enhancing your capability of implementing GCG toward controlled business managerial (low cost of money) and bring the corporation into sustainable growth.


Professionally accelerating your liability, compatibility, and accountability, in facing global financial crisis.