The Professional Director Program (PDP) is a 3 days seminar in internalizing professionalism in directorship designed to enhance the capacity of corporate leaders in Indonesia using standard curriculum benchmarked to International Institutes of Directors, such as Institute of Director (IoD) UK, Australian Institute of Company Director (AICD), Nasional Association of Corporate Director (NACD) USA & Yale University, and Global Corporate Governance Forum (IFC-GCGF)

Program Benefits:

  1. Shape your professionalism in Directorship based on "International Best Practices"
  2. Enhance the ability and the effectiveness of company directorship and develop Good Corporate Governance towards Internasional standards.
  3. Competent in integrating effective corporate performance, business strategy and directorship.
  4. Competent in creating corporate competitiveness in local and international.
  5. Competent in GCG implementation towards controlled business managerial (low cost of money) and bring corporate into sustaible growth.
  6. Professional in facing global financial crisis.

Module Contents:

    • Director Skills and Competencies
    • Modern Firms and Corporate Governance Problem
    • The Practices of Directorship
    • Challenges of Professionalism at the Board
    • Board Performance Evaluation
    • Strategic Business Direction for Corporate Performance
    • Trade Practices : Issues for Directors
    • Law Practices : Issues for Directors
    • Finance for Directors
    • Marketing for Directors
    • Human Resources for Directors
    • Risk Management for Directors
    • CEO forum and company sharing