The Indonesian Institute for Corporate Directorship (IICD), with the support of the Global Corporate Governance Forum (the Forum), is organizing this Training of Trainers (ToT) Program designed and contextualized for the trainers of boards of companies in Indonesia and East Asia.

The ToT will be based primarily on the Forums Corporate Governance Board Leadership Training Resources
which was developed in 2008, the resources has already been accepted and adapted by director training institutions around the world. The comprehensive materials compromise a detailed training resource encompassing all aspects of board leadership, with particular emphasis on strategy formulation, financial controls, supervision and reporting, risk management and Corporate Social Responsibility.

The Forum has recently developed a supplement to these resources entitled Governing Banks and the first ToT organized specifically for the Directors of Banks in Indonesia, making use of these materials, was in November 2010. This ToT is targeted towards the trainers of boards of both banks and non-banking companies. Since November last year, the IICD has been working towards contextualization of the Resources in light of the dual board structure that exist in Indonesia.

The materials have also gone through a process of consultation with a select group of experts chosen from the participants at the November ToT. In addition, the IICD has developed a number of case studies, relevant to the culture and context of CG practices in Indonesia – we hope to make use of both the case study materials and the contextualized resources at this event.

The Resources is designed to:
• Engage adult learners by emphasizing interactive exercises that draw on the diverse,relevant experiences of
session participants; 
• Provide maximum flexibility through a modular curriculum, so that an institution can develop
  programs to suit its 
need and the needs of the directors it serves; 
• Minimize institutes’ investment of their time and resources for curriculum development by providing
  a comprehensive,
standardized curriculum that includes PowerPoint presentations to enhance the learning
• Enhance corporate governance reforms by instilling in participants leadership values that can help them in
within their companies or organizations to adopt best practices; 
• Build long-term relationships with those most likely responsible for implementing corporate governance
  best practices within the companies and organizations in which they work; 
• Enhance the training provider’s brand and authority in the policymaking process to develop national corporate
  governance codes; and 
• Encourage participants to be ‘change agents’ of corporate governance by developing the knowledge
  and skills to 
build support within their boards for implementing best practices.


The IICD and the Forum are inviting trainers from within Indonesia including members of the, to participate in a three–day Regional Faculty Workshop in Jakarta.

The TOT Program is intended to build capacity of existing corporate governance trainers to further enhance their knowledge, understanding and teaching techniques specifically relevant for the boards of companies in Indonesia. Participants will develop the knowledge base and skill sets needed to lead director education programs that reflect international best practices adapted to regional needs in emerging markets.

The particular goal of this highly interactive workshop is to help participants become familiar with the Resources, learn how to use these, and help them prepare other trainers.

The event, comprising three days intensive training, will provide trainers with lectures, case studies, and exercises to develop directors’ boardroom skills. The program will encourage participants to share and discuss their own experiences. Trainers will hone their methods for using adult learning techniques.


Invited participants will have the following profile:
• Commitment to promoting and using the Resources in his/her respective country and region;
• Knowledge leadership in corporate governance;
• Demonstrated interest/experience in training;
• Availability for the full three-day Program and as a trainer in future workshops in his / her country and / or
  region and
• Substantive knowledge of corporate governance in his / her region.